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Private Labeled Bottled Water and Political Campaigns - Pure Water for Memorable Campaign Events

Political campaigning is a very competitive business and events are an important part of political life and political campaigns. A well planned event can forcefully convey a clear political message and create political support for the candidate.

Political candidates hold many events like political rallies and fund raising as a means to reach out to voters. One of the basics of campaigning is that the candidate must develop a clear message and address it to their target audience. Events play an important part of this process. These meetings require detailed planning and resources and many organizations elect to utilize specialists in managing events.

Political campaigning is a complex undertaking with the development of a clear message, coordination of event schedules and maintaining critical timeline requirements of paramount importance. In addition to the logistics involved in planning the campaign forceful and consistent communication of the campaign message is a critical factor.

The Value of the Message

Political campaigning is all about the message.

A common message brings participants together and allows the candidate the ability to convey a strong reason why voters should show their support.

Management of the message also shows the voter how the candidate is different from the opponent and convinces voters to support the candidate. Effective communication of the message is critical therefore to the success of the campaign.

Promotional Items and Quality Communication

One aspect of communication is the use of personalized promotional items, effective banners and unique giveaways.

These items can be designed to impart an effective message and the use of high quality personalized giveaways creates a lasting impression and reinforces the campaign theme and message.

Private Label Drinking Water as an Effective Communication of the Message

Private label drinking water is an ideal and powerful way to promote a campaign message.

Essentially, private labeling allows campaigns to design and develop a label with a custom message and theme and attach that label to a bottle of healthy drinking water. A result of this process is the creation and promotion of a clear message that is tailored to the campaign and campaign events

Because of the immediate and permanent nature of the bottled water product, consumable advertising is created that leaves a lasting message in the mind of the audience.

One powerful feature of private label drinking water is the ability of a select few vendors to add the candidate's picture to the message on the bottle.

Some of the benefits of private labeled water include:

o A high-quality, effective and custom message.

o Pictures can be added to the label to better identify the message with the candidate.

o Messages can be modified to reflect events like political meetings and rallies and fund raising events. This is important as candidates go on the road to promote their campaigns.

o Individual users often carry the water with them and the message is further extended and promoted.

o Pure water is popular and universally accepted as contributing to good health. The message of the private label effectively reaches more prospects as use grows.

o Effective cost is low and response to the event message is immediate.

o Consumable, portable advertising creates a lasting message and impression.

What to Look for in a Private Label Water Supplier

There are a number of private label water suppliers but they vary widely in the quality of their product offerings. There are three areas to investigate when choosing a supplier:

Quality of Water

Events with a large number of participants require proper hydration with water of the highest quality. High quality water in terms of health and taste is also critical for the acceptance of the theme and event message.

If the water is low quality or tastes bad then the message will fail.

The best quality water on the market today is purified using a distillation/ filtration/ oxygenation process that removes all impurities, including all bacteria, and creates a light, refreshing taste.

Quality of Label Design and Production

The label is the message part of the product and poor-quality labels send a poor-quality message. Production of a poor-quality label is a waste of money and adversely affects the message and theme. For political candidates it is important to use a professional designer to impart a message of quality and add a high quality photo image of the candidate.

It is very important to know that the vast majority (almost all) of the private label opportunities in this country come from water resellers (not bottlers) with desktop-model "thermal" (or "thermal wax") printing devices with a quality level that cannot compare well to even consumer-grade inkjet printing devices widely available for less than $200 at your local electronics store. These label printers are very cheap in both quality and cost, typically ranging from $10-20k depending on configuration, and are widely used throughout the private label water industry because of their low cost.

In sharp contrast, a quality label, i.e., one that looks like a top-shelf brand that you might find in your local gourmet grocery store, needs to be produced with professional-quality equipment using professional-grade printing equipment. There are three types of printing equipment that can produce a high-quality label.

1. Rotary offset lithography;

2. Flexography; and

3. High-quality digital presses.

For most smaller runs (under about 10,000 units), digital equipment offered by Heidelberg or HP is the most cost effective solution, but instead of $10-20k, the minimum equipment costs for these professional solutions range from $750k to $1.25M per station.

These facts are very important to understand when choosing a private label bottler -- because those who sell low-quality labels would have you believe that nothing better is available because of the short runs required by private label customers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to succeed, your label must be professionally designed and produced with high-quality materials using a printing process that renders a high-quality result. Waterproof lamination is also required for long lasting labels. This is easily achieved for an affordable unit cost using the right equipment for the job.

Quality of Customer Service

The design and production of private labeled drinking water is complex and requires intense interaction between the customer and supplier. Communication and a culture of customer service excellence is a prerequisite to the creation of an effective theme message and a successful event. Without a significant commitment to customer service on the part of the supplier, the impact of the theme message will fail.

Choose a quality supplier to help develop and communicate your message and to create success for the political campaign event.