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Bronto - The Force Behind Your Email Marketing Campaign

Millions of buyers and sellers generating countless transactions over the internet on daily basis are the proof of boundless popularity of ecommerce in recent times. As market size determines the level of competition, online trading can be really harsh on sellers in their efforts to make their presence felt. But this is a healthy situation to be in and if you are a businessman you can cash in on with positive approach and aggressive planning. Marketing is one tool you can utilize to combat competition and place yourself ahead of the rest for proper placement, projection and promotion of your products and services. In the internet domain, email marketing gives your business the strength to initiate long term relationship with customers for continuous growth and maximum output.

Bronto, the expert email marketing software believes that email marketing is as essential for your online business as your inventory, cash flow or suppliers. The well experienced Bronto totally understands the technical aspects of its trade and focuses on the targeted audience of your business to provide a matchless customer experience. With Bronto you can launch highly functional and thoroughly professional marketing campaign not only to attract new people into your customer-base but also to retain customers for repeat transactions. The advanced technology based on latest ecommerce trends working behind Bronto makes sure that picture perfect messages are delivered to the right buyers at the most appropriate time. On the other hand, you can be absolutely certain that Bronto will also take care of adverse associations and contacts disengagement so that your marketing return on investment (ROI) is increased.

The key elements like delivery monitoring, data integration and dedicated support for its clients establish Bronto as the leading email marketing software with complete solutions. The reporting and analysis aspect of Bronto includes various invaluable tools for real time tracking, graphics output for deliverability and assessment of such factors as conversion rate, ROI and website activities. The analytical features also include Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for performance evaluation whereas, other additional reports provide deep insight through useful standard as well as specially designed metrics like click-open ratio, turnover % and friend forwards. These powerful functions not only guarantee the success of your campaign but also allow you to dissect the results for better productivity in future.

Business development is directly proportional to the result of your marketing efforts and for once you need to realize that output of your ecommerce setup depends upon successful email marketing which is as easy for Bronto as boiling an egg.