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Make Your Healthy Eating Campaign A Robust Success Promotional Stress Toys

For any kind of campaign involving food, promotional stress balls can't be beat. Promotional stress toys are already available in the shape of virtually every popular fruit and vegetable, realistically coloured and eye-pleasing.

With the slogan of your campaign printed right on the promotional stress ball, your message of healthy eating will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Logo printed stress toys are a fairly inexpensive promotional giveaway that have long-term residual effects, since those who receive them tend to hold on to them for months, even years.

For the uninitiated, personalised stress toys are squishy items that are a three dimensional representation of just about any object you can imagine. They are meant to be squeezed and kneaded to help alleviate mental and physical anguish, and can also be used to increase circulation in the arms and hands.

Arthritis symptoms can also be helped by squeezing a stress ball. Aside from being useful in this manner, they are a joy to hold in your hand and hard to put down.

The personalised stress ball has the distinction of being a promotional gift that is most likely to be displayed in the work area at arms reach, thus broadcasting your brand to all those in the work area.

The healthiest vegetables, as you already know, are of the cruciferous variety. You can promote the best eating in your printed stress toy by ordering them in the shapes of broccoli, cauliflower heads, cabbages or Brussels sprouts.

These vegetable are full of vitamins k and c, calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron, along with immune boosting, cancer fighting, anti-aging phytonutrients. Combined with your healthy eating slogan printed on it, your promotional stress toy in one of these shapes will serve as a daily reminder to eat more of these healthy items.

Promotional stress toys in the shape of fruits can induce a more mouth-watering response. Apples, oranges, bananas, cherries and berries are packed with essential vitamins, potassium, fiber and antioxidants.

They tend to remind their owners of juicy sweetness. The fruit-shaped promotional stress toy, combined with a vegetable-shaped stress reliever, can drive home the message of your healthy eating campaign like no other promotional gift.

Want to know more? Ask your promotional product supplier for some samples so that you can see for yourself why promotional stress toys can make the best ambassadors for your message. Then watch the smiles appear by the hundreds as you hand out your promotional stress balls.